About Us


My name is Ms. Willie Elaine Hubbard Brooks,M.ED, BBA and I am the Founder and CEO of BenCheri’ Educational Center, formed in the year 2013, and we are currently renovating our building, which is located in one of the at-risk and low-to-moderate income neighborhoods, “Acres Homes”, 6427 W. Montgomery Road, Houston, Texas 77088 where I was  born and raised. I want to give back to my community. We are a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization, named after my two children, and, which is also, in Memory of my Mother, Mrs. Dorothy Mae Harper Hubbard, who was a Pioneer in helping the less fortunate, (especially the Elderly and Youth in Acres Homes). Our Organization tutor kids (and adults) in Math, Reading, STEM classes, Debate, Public Speaking, and Writing classes, along with teaching Art, Health education and Playwriting classes, Manufacturing classes that will lead to a career pathway for our students to attend a local Community College or University, and will soon offer a Summer Camp to teach our Students Robotics and Coding, along with Field trips to enhance their Literacy Skills and beyond. We will offer many new resources to our community and ensure our Children receive the tools needed to SUCCEED. Also, we will soon be teaching students to learn “Sign Language”, in hopes one day that they may choose to become an Interpreter and have a career path that will lead to a successful and sustaining life and in essence, to offer these programs to help the children with their creativity, and to ensure a successful career for them. We are also looking for funding, donations and grants. Please go to our “DONATIONS” page where we have a PAYPAL option to choose and options for a monthly donation in whatever amount you feel is appropriate; and we THANK YOU in advance for your contribution. Please contact us if you would like a tour of our Center. We are definitely dedicated to helping kids, their families and the community.

Doing the right thing,at the right time.